Inmate / Detainee Information

Visitation Schedule

Sunday-Wednesday ONLY
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
The Etowah County Sheriff’s Office allows all inmates and detainees an opportunity to visit with family and friends. 

All visits are by appointment only. The inmate/detainee is solely responsible for scheduling a visit and notifying family and friends of the date and time of the visit by U.S. mail or by phone.

Visitors are only allowed to see one inmate per day.

All inmate/detainee visits are non-contact and conducted by video visitation.  This system allows visitors and the inmate/detainee to see each other and communicate through a video monitor, while increasing the safety of the visitors and the security of the facility. 

A valid ID must be presented at the time of each visit.

All visitors must have a picture identification to show proof of age, except children under the age of 13. A current military ID is acceptable; School ID is not.
If under the age of 16, the visitor must be accompanied by an adult. The juvenile must stay with the adult at all times. Children will be controlled and not allowed to wander unsupervised.
Inmates/Detainees may have only one (1) visit per day, and up to two (2) visits per week (Sunday through Wednesday). Two adults and two juveniles may visit each visitation day.  All visiting minors must be supervised by an adult at all times.
Visitation will not be scheduled during an inmate’s scheduled court appearance.
Etowah County Sheriff's Office Detention Center - Video Visitation Changes

How do I correspond with an inmate?

Mail: Inmates may send and receive letters from outside the jail.

Smart Communications – Etowah County Detention Center
c/o Inmate Name – ID Number
209 20th Street North Unit 91
Birmingham, Alabama 35203

The inmate’s name and ID number must be clearly printed on the outside of the envelope or postcard to ensure the mail is posted to the correct account.  Mail not containing the inmate ID number and name will be returned.

How do I correspond with a detainee?

Detainees may send and receive mail from outside the Detention Center.
Etowah County Detention Center
c/o Detainee Name
827 Forrest Avenue
Gadsden, Alabama 35901
Incoming Mail
Incoming mail will be monitored to ascertain if any attempts at escape, security violations, or conspiracy to introduce contraband are being made.  Mail may be inspected to intercept checks, money orders, or physical contraband.  The Etowah County Detention Center will not be held responsible for any cash sent through the mail.
Outgoing Mail
Mail may be inspected by Staff to determine if:
1. The letter contains threats of physical harm against persons or threats of criminal activity.
2. The letter threatens blackmail or extortion.
3. The letter contains plans to escape.
4. The letter is in code.
5. The letter contains information that, if communicated, would create a clear and present danger of violence or physical harm to a human being.
Privileged Mail
Privileged mail is defined as mail to and from Attorneys, the Courts, and Public Officials. This mail will not be opened unless there is compelling evidence based on the five (5) items listed above. Privileged mail must be marked “Legal Mail”. If compelling evidence is present, the incoming or outgoing mail will be opened in the presence of the inmate.

The Etowah County Jail will not accept any boxes or packages for any inmate. If a box or package is received, it will be returned to sender.

General Mail Regulations
Indigent inmates without funds will be supplied with writing materials to correspond with Attorneys, the Courts, and with their immediate family at reasonable intervals. Inmates must send and receive all mail through the facility mailing system. Any attempt to smuggle mail outside the facility will be subject to disciplinary action being taken.

Phone Calls

All inmates and detainees can make outside calls to family and friends.  No incoming calls can be received.

Each inmate will be given access to the telephone upon the completion of the booking process. Telephones for private use are located in each housing area.

Pro Bono phone calls may be made from unit phones. These are free calls for ICE detainees. The procedure for making these calls, along with a list of available numbers is listed in each unit.

Inmates and detainees may not take more than 20 minutes per call. They may not make more than one call in a row if another inmate/detainee wishes to use the phone.

Calls (local and long distance are billed at a per-minute rate, with no connection fees.  International calls are also billed at a per-minute rate.  Three-way calls are prohibited.

To create and fund Pre-Paid Collect accounts, please visit NCIC Inmate Communication’s website at: (Para Espanol, or call the call center at 1-800-943-2189.

The calling rates for the Etowah County Detention Center are shown below:

Calling Rates

Call Type

Inmate Pre-Paid

Pre-Paid Collect













Llamadas del preso (locales y de larga distancia) se facturan a una tarifa por minuto, sin cargos de conexión. Las llamadas internacionales también se facturan a una tarifa por minuto. Las llamadas tripartitas (Tres vías) están prohibidas

Para crear y financiar cuentas Pre-Paid Collect, visite el sitio web de NCIC Inmate Communication’s en: (Para Espanol, o llame a nuestro centro de llamadas al 1-800-943-2189.

Las tarifas de llamadas para Etowah County Jail se muestran a continuación:

Tarifas de Llamadas

Tipo de Llamada

Prepagada por el Preso

Llamada Prepagada




Dentro Del Estado  



Fuera Del Estado






Jail Visitor Conduct

While visiting the Detention Center it is expected that all posted rules and any further instructions given to visitors by the Detention Deputies are followed.

Any misconduct that is immoral or affects the order and operation of this program will result in revocation of visitation privileges. If applicable, criminal charges may be filed.

Any disruptive conduct by either party will result in the termination of the visit and may have an adverse affect on future visits.

If visitors bring children, 17 years of age or under, they are expected to remain under the direct supervision of the adult visitor so they will not disturb others.

The following items are not allowed in the Visitation Area: 

    • Weapons (guns, knives, mace, clubs, etc.)
    • Cell phones, pagers, laptops, or smart phone/wireless communication devices of any kind
    • Handbags or hand-held wallets
    • Briefcases, clipboards, notebooks, magazines, cameras or any electronic/recording or playing device
    • Food or drink

Jail Visitor Dress Code

Visitors must be properly dressed before checking in to visit an inmate. Any clothing or clothing articles that are considered inappropriate will not be permitted to be worn. Proper undergarments must be worn. Some clothing articles and accessories are prohibited.

The following dress code will be followed:

    • Shorts will be knee length.
    • No short dresses (just above the knee is acceptable)
    • Shirts and dresses must have sleeves.
    • No see-through clothing.
    • No low-cut clothing.
    • The bottom of shirts must come to the belt line.
    • No skintight clothing.

How can I bond someone out of jail?

There are three types of ways to post bonds you can pay with:

    • Cash, for the entire amount of bond required
    • A Property Bond, with two signees
    • Or pay by Surety Bond, through a bonding company

How do I deposit money into an inmate’s or detainee’s personal account?

To deposit money into a person’s phone or commissary account, visit the Jail Funds kiosk at the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office.  The kiosk is located near dispatch at the front door.  An additional kiosk station is located inside jail visitation.

Cash and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) are accepted.

Money may also be deposited into accounts by visiting

Money Orders

A money order must be sent by mail to the following address:

Secure Deposits
Etowah AL
PO Box 12486
St. Louis, MO 63132

Can Inmates/Detainees buy items inside the facility?

A commissary service is available on a weekly basis (subject to availability). Those inmates with money deposited into their account may purchase items from the commissary.

A shopping list will be provided on the kiosk which is located in each housing area so that inmates will know what is available and the cost of each item. It is the inmate’s responsibility to have a list of items to be purchased made up in accordance with the posted schedule for their housing area.

Any inmate who has requested to buy more items than he/she has money for, will receive only those items they have enough money to buy starting with personal items and ending with food items.

What items can I bring to an inmate or detainee?

Items that are allowed to be dropped off at visitation are as follows: 3 pairs of white socks, 3 pairs of white underwear, 1 pair of white canvas shoes and 1 soft back Bible. Women may also have 3 bras (without wire). Immigration detainees may also receive 3 white t-shirts. All Items must be in original packaging unopened. 

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