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  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office

School Resource Unit

Seven certified Sheriff's deputies are assigned to work in Etowah County schools.  These School Resource Officers (SROs) help maintain a safe learning environment for students, faculty and staff at local elementary, middle and high schools.  Security is also provided for the County's vocational and alternative schools and Job Corp.

All School Resource Officers undergo basic and advanced training by the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) and attend continuing education courses throughout the year.

School Resource Officers

  • Sgt. Lanny Handy: SRO Supervisor and D.A.R.E. Facilitator, Alternative and Vocational schools
  • Deputy Glenn Cline: Sardis High School, Carlisle Elementary School, Whitesboro Elementary School and Ducks Spring Elementary School
  • Deputy Phillip Stone: Gaston School, Highland School and Job Corp
  • Deputy Rodney McNew: Hokes Bluff High, Middle and Elementary schools
  • Deputy Troy Moore: West End High and Elementary schools, Ivalee Elementary School
  • Deputy Mike Powell: Glencoe High, Middle and Elementary schools
  • Deputy Robbie Deason: Southside High and Elementary schools

The SROs primary responsibility is school safety, however, they also teach many educational courses to local students.  These courses include:

  • Project Alert (Drug Prevention)
  • Play by the Rules (State Laws)
  • Eddie Eagle (Gun Safety for Elementary Students)
  • Fatal Vision (Drunk Driving Education)
  • Texting and Driving
  • Internet Safety
  • Bullying
  • Forensics

They also serve the schools and our community by investigating crimes on the campus, conducting home visits and welfare checks on students, assisting Juvenile Probation Officers and the Department of Human Resources.  SROs also provide security for school sporting events, civic events such as school meetings and open houses.

During summer vacation, the School Resource Officers assist with the Sheriff's Office Student Leadership Academy and assist the Patrol Division by answering service calls and enforcing orders of the Court.

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The Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E) program is a series of classroom lessons, led by the Etowah County Sheriff's Office, which educates 5th grade students about how to make good decisions, resist peer pressure and live productive drug and violence-free lives.

The educational program is currently taught at: Duck Springs Elementary School, Glencoe Middle School, Hokes Bluff Middle School, West End Elementary School, Carlisle Elementary School, Highland School, Ivalee Elementary School, Southside Elementary School and Whitesboro Elementary School.


At the end of each program a graduation ceremony is held.  Students receive D.A.R.E. diplomas and are encouraged by Sheriff Todd Entrekin to "Do the Right Thing" and make good choices!

The D.A.R.E. program not only teaches kids to be drug free but, it also opens dialogue between the schools, law enforcement and parents to deal with other issues.

Etowah County's D.A.R.E. Program is led by Sgt. Lanny Handy and funded by the Etowah County Sheriff's Office, District Attorney and Etowah County Commission.

For more information, visit the official D.A.R.E. website.

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