• Etowah County Sheriff's Office - Student Leadership
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office - Student Leadership
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office - Student Leadership
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office - Student Leadership
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office - Student Leadership
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office - Student Leadership
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office - Student Leadership
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office - Student Leadership
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office - Student Leadership
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office - Student Leadership

Student Leadership Academy


Purpose -- Service -- Determination -- Influence

The Etowah County Sheriff's Office (ECSO) Student Leadership Academy (SLA) was started in 2011 by Sheriff Todd Entrekin.  The mission of the SLA is to provide a unique, practical, and educational experiences for future leaders of Etowah County, Alabama.

Program Description

The program is designed to be an intensive leadership development course for Etowah County students who are incoming high school seniors. 

Through a variety of classes, hands on interaction, and guest speakers, students will be introduced to:

  • Fundamental Leadership Principles
  • Personal Development Skills
  • Office of the Alabama Sheriff
  • Knowledge of the American Criminal Justice System
  • Career Opportunities in Government and Public service
  • Importance of and How to Develop Lifelong Fitness Habits
  • Interview and Job Application Skills

The weeklong event will survey the entire criminal justice process from:  law enforcement, the prosecutor, the public defender, the courts, and corrections.  The course will discuss the history and philosophy of the system and introduces various career opportunities.

Student Leadership Academy

Benefit to Student Participants 

In addition to the knowledge and experience gained from the week's activities, participants will also benefit from:

  • Etowah County Sheriff's Honorary Deputation
  • Program Completion Diploma
  • Future School/Job Reference Letter from Sheriff Entrekin
  • 3 hours of College Credit from Jacksonville State University
  • Possible Scholarship Opportunities 
  • Lasting Friendships and Memories

Student Leadership Academy

Location, Schedule, and Instructors

The SLA is based out of the ECSO Headquarters, located on Forrest Avenue in Gadsden.  Practical exercises will occur in the field throughout Etowah County.  Student's stay overnight throughout the week and lodging is provided.  Participants are closely supervised by ECSO staff members.  

The tentative date is typically the last week of June each year.  Orientation begins on Sunday afternoon.  Each day starts with a class and activity to promote physical fitness.  The schedule is physically and academically demanding, starting at 5:45 a.m. and ending at 9:30 p.m.  The week concludes with graduation on Thursday evening. 

Student Leadership Academy

Instructors and guest speakers are law enforcement professionals as well as noted leaders in government, business, and civic organizations. 


Candidates must be an incoming high school senior and must be nominated by their current high school principal.  Nominees must submit the written application by March 15.

SLA is open to incoming high school seniors who meet academy requirements of:

  • Nominated by High School Principal
  • Minimum 2.5 Grade Point Average
  • Written Essay
  • Alabama Police Officer's Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC)  
  • Physical Ability Exam

Each nominee is evaluated based on demonstrated leadership, physical fitness, grade point average, and community service.  Due to the physical activity required, students will be required to submit proof of a physical exam conducted by a licensed physician within the last year.  One male and one female will be accepted from each of the twelve high schools in Etowah County; for a total of twenty-four student participants. 

SLA Application PDF


The ECSO SLA is offered free to students through the generosity of many community sponsors and Sheriff's Office discretionary funding. Opportunities for sponsor recognition includes: program marketing materials, press releases, internet exposure, and other various options.



Graduates of the Etowah County Sheriff's Office Student Leadership Academy are considered part of the Sheriff's Office family.  Their commitment to give up a week in the summer time to be physically and academically challenged says much about the graduates listed on the following pages.  These individuals are great examples of purpose, service, determination, and influence to their peers and our community!    

2011 SLA Graduates
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2011 SLA Graduates

Gadsden City - Blake Hall, President

Southside - Jessie Gregerson, Chaplain

Etowah - Savannah Harper

Etowah - Logan McGraw

Gadsden City - Portia Sims

Gaston - Lindsey Lister

Glencoe - Joshua Croy

Glencoe - Trey Irwin

Hokes Bluff - Jenna Cash

Hokes Bluff - Josh Fleming

Sardis - Nicole Foster

Sardis - Dylan Kelley

Southside - Cody Bishop

West End - Jessica Lee

West End - Micah Moore

Westbrook Christian - John Mayfield

Westbrook Christian - Peighton Streip

2012 SLA Graduates
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2012 SLA Graduates

Gadsden City - Khalid Cannon, President

Coosa Christian - Micah Mills, Vice President

Gaston - Dustin Gunter, Secretary

Glencoe - Savanah Bramblett, Chaplain

Coosa Christian - Jonah Mills

Etowah - Jamie Hall

Gadsden City - Chandricka Johnson

Gaston - Taylor Rogers

Glencoe - Dalton Chambers

Hokes Bluff - Hunter Bryant

Hokes Bluff - Ryan Moon

Sardis - Tyler Dixon

Sardis - Madison Wood

Southside - Austin Snyder

Southside - Abbey West

West End - Taylor Hollingsworth

West End - Zack Spiker


2013 SLA Graduates
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2013 SLA Graduates

Gaston - Tyler Jennings, President

Westbrook Christian - John Maurer, Vice President

Glencoe - Hannah Grant, Secretary

Glencoe - Rebecca Blakney, Chaplain

Coosa Christian - Noell Lipscomb

Coosa Christian - Morgan Luttrell

Etowah - Dalton Hayes

Etowah - Maci Ledbetter

Gadsden City - Tiara Macon

Gadsden City - Terrell Malone

Gaston - Ashlie Sims

Hokes Bluff - Adam King

Hokes Bluff - Harley Westmoreland

Sardis - Blaine Pruitt

Sardis - Payton Golden

Southside - Austin Criswell

Southside - Hannah Phillips

West End - Chase Blanton

West End - Courtney Oliver

Westbrook Christian - Kennedy Vice

2014 SLA Graduates
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Gadsden City - Harsh Sinha, President

Coosa Christian - Bailey Loyd, Vice-President

Westbrook Christian - Chris Underwood, Secretary

Southside - Taylor Clough, Chaplain

Coosa Christian - Drake Burger

Etowah - Jennifer Guthery

Etowah - Leocardio Domingo

Gadsden City - Nolan Boatner

Gadsden City - Tansley Lacount

Gadsden City - Zack Oglesby

Gaston - Darby Samples

Gaston - Mason Bishop

Glencoe - Joseph Bright

Glencoe - Kyle Alexander

Hokes Bluff - Mason Wilkinson

Hokes Bluff - Noah Click

Sardis - Hayley Clements

Sardis - Tristan McCurley

Southside - Austin Powell

West End - Brittany Self

West End - Tyler Moody

Westbrook Christian - Kaitlyn Maurer


2015 SLA Graduates
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Gadsden City High School - Bailey Cook, President

Coosa Christian School - Georgia Mills, Vice-President

West End High School - Alexandria Hallmark, Chaplain

Coosa Christian School - Jeremy Ware

Etowah High School - Kaylee Fore

Etowah High School - Adam Cox

Gadsden City High School - Madison Abernathy

Gadsden City High School - Neel Sengar

Gadsden City High School - Anshumah Sinah

Gaston School - Caydance Glenn

Gaston School - Taylor Tindall

Glencoe High School - Jacob Bradley

Glencoe High School - Andrew Lang

Hokes Bluff High School - Reagan Sims

Hokes Bluff High School - Austin Burchfield

Sardis High School - Grace Snead

Sardis High School - Kolby Childers

Southside High School - Kaleigh Pylant

Southside High School - Levi Cox

West End High School - Bruce Evans

Westbrook Christian School - Barclay Bellew

Westbrook Christian School - Sam Blackstock


2016 SLA Graduates
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Gadsden City High School - La'Marcus Harvey, President

Southside High School - Caroline Pope, Vice-President

Etowah High School - Emma Grace Jones, Secretary

Sardis High School - John Holland, Chaplain

Coosa Christian School - Neely Evetts

Coosa Christian School - Caleb Garrett

Etowah High School - Zachary Bullock

Gadsden City High School - Maryangela Lopez-V.

Gadsden City High School - Tony Jackson

Gaston School - Julie Ballenger

Gaston School - Jamie Gibbs

Glencoe High School - Erin Ramsey

Glencoe High School - Cole Holbrooks

Hokes Bluff High School - Kayte Parkerson

Hokes Bluff High School - Nathan Boatwright

Sardis High School - Madison Whisenant

Southside High School - Baylon Fry

West End High School - Tamia Timmons

West End High School - Hunter Moody

Westbrook Christian School - Kearse Ellison

Westbrook Christian School - Courtland Vice

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