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Citizens Firearms Safety

Citizens Firearms Range Day March 2020

The Etowah County Sheriff's Office will offer a free citizen's firearms safety course, sponsored by Sheriff Jonathon Horton.

The course is offered free to the public and the classroom portion is held at the Sheriff's Office. Download the Sheriff's App or like/follow the Sheriff's Office on social media for specific dates and times. 

Those who complete the classroom portion are given the option to attend a range day the following Saturday, to receive one-on-one help from Sheriff's Office firearms instructors.  The range day is held at the Owls Hollow Shooting Range. Please bring 50-100 rounds of ammunition to the firing range.

The classroom portion will cover firearms safety rules, handgun fundamentals, updated concealed carry laws, and Alabama self defense laws.

For additional information concerning the firearms safety class, contact the Sheriff's Office at 256-546-2825 or email Josh Morgan at 

Citizens taking firearms safety class

The Owls Hollow Shooting Range is operated by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and maintained by the Etowah County Sheriff's Office.  The range is open to the public daily from dawn to dusk.

For information concerning Etowah's Public Shooting Range, located on Owls Hollow Road, please visit the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources website by clicking here.