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Project Lifesaver

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What is Project Lifesaver

Etowah County Sheriff's Office provide a system for tracking clients with Alzheimer's, dementia or persons with autism in the event they wander away from their caregiver.  

Project Lifesaver provides special armbands to assist in locating them if they become lost. The armbands emit radio signals that can be tracked using special equipment. When sheriff's deputies are alerted that a client is missing, the devices are tuned into that person's assigned signal. Most clients are found within a few minutes.

There are currently more than 25 individuals in Etowah County who participate in Project Lifesaver.


Lifesaver armbands

How it works

Armbands are available from the Sheriff's Office at no cost for families thanks to donations from citizens and support from local foundations.

Etowah County Sheriff's Office investigators interview prospective clients and their families. Based on information collected, trained personnel receive authorization to meet with families and place the armband on the individual.

Once a month a visit to the home will be made to check on the armband, replace the battery and insure the device is working properly. Personnel is available should a client remove or damage their armband.

How can you receive an armband for someone you care for?

Contact:  Captain Jason Argo

Etowah County Sheriff's Office
827 Forrest Avenue
Gadsden, Alabama 35901

Phone: (256) 549-2183


Who do I call if my loved one wanders away?

Call 911 immediately. Be sure to tell dispatchers that the individual has an armband and is a Project Lifesaver Client. Dispatchers will notify the appropriate deputies to assist in finding the person as quickly as possible.

How do I donate so that more patients may have armbands?

Donations may be made to the Etowah County Sheriff's Office.

Contact: Capt. Josh Morgan, ECSO