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Aviation Unit


Aviation Unit

The Etowah County Sheriff's Office aviation unit consists of a Bell OH-58C helicopter. Certified deputies and reserve officers are employed to fly the aircraft. The unit utilizes tactical flight officers (TFO's) to assist pilots on certain missions.


The Sheriff's Office will improve on its delivery of law enforcement services with this public-use air asset to assist our deputies and others on the ground, subject to maintenance schedules and severe weather. Also, the aircraft is equipped with radios that allow direct communication with our Dispatch and all local law enforcement Dispatchers around the county.  


Helicopter Pilot


Missions will include:

Patrol/Traffic control

Surveillance and photo/reconnaissance

Search and Rescue (Project Lifesaver)

Disaster Response

Partnerships with other local public safety agencies (Police and Fire)

The Gadsden Airport, where this aircraft is based.  The Sheriff's Air Unit will have a dedicated mission to significantly improve the quality of services we are currently able to provide to our citizens. This aircraft will give us an immediate answer to the challenges we face and the ability to plan for the future development of our county down the road.