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Community Resource and Reserve Division

The Etowah County Sheriff's Office is supported in its day to day operations by a very dedicated group of individuals that comprise the Community Resource and Reserve Division. 

Currently we have approximately 30 Reserve Deputies that donate their time and efforts to assist the Etowah County Sheriff's Office.  This unit is made up of a wide variety of individuals to include; college students, business owners, retirees and many others. 

The Reserve Deputy Division falls under the command of Asst. Chief Deputy Mark Bullock and Reserve Deputy Commander Bob Vosbury. Reserves are responsible for working many different details falling under the jurisdiction of the Etowah County Sheriff's Office. They also provide an invaluable service to the Patrol Division by supplying additional personnel in the patrol cars.  Reserve deputies are encouraged to ride with the deputies as often as possible, thereby adding additional personnel which greatly enhances our patrol abilities.  Often times this provides for a two man patrol unit, which allows us to keep other deputies spread out in other sectors of the county when the need arises for more than one deputy to handle an incident.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you become a Reserve Deputy? Answer:  The first thing you must do is fill out an application and submit it for approval.  These applications can be picked up at the front desk of the Sheriff's Office.  This position is very competitive as there are relatively few positions available.

If I submit an application, do I automatically become a Reserve Deputy? Answer:  No. This is an:  Yes. We are not financially able to provide a firearm for each Reserve Deputy at this time. The Firearm that will be used by the Reserve Deputy will have to be approved before use.

Is there any particular make or model of a weapon to be carried by Reserve Deputies? Answer:  No, But preferred to be a Glock.

What type of basic equipment will I need to purchase?  Answer:  You will be responsible for purchasing your own equipment such as your duty weapon, boots and leather gear.  Leather gear that is purchased will be black in color and of the basket-weave pattern. The boots will be black in color.  If you are approved as a Reserve Deputy you will then be authorized to purchase uniforms that contain the Etowah County Sheriff's Office patch.  The Reserve Deputy will be informed at time of approval of the type, color, and brand of the current most approved uniform.

When everything is said and done, how much money is all of this going to cost me?  Answer:  Your total cost will depend on if you already have an approved handgun and whether you decide to purchase a new or used Firearm.  You can expect to spend approximately $300 to $400 dollars on gear as a startup cost.

Ok, now I have my weapon and my badge. When can I go out and arrest someone?  Answer:  Never!  Out on their own, Reserve Deputies have no more arrest power than a normal citizen since they are not APOST Certified Deputy Sheriffs. Reserve Deputies work under the command of an APOST certified deputy sheriff.

How much do I get paid being a Reserve Deputy?  Answer:  This is a volunteer position and therefore it is a non-paid position.

Do Reserve Deputies have meetings? Answer:  Yes.  This gives us an opportunity to meet with everyone as a group and to make everyone aware of any upcoming events, such as training dates or details that must be covered.

Are reserves required to qualify with their weapons? Answer:  Yes.  Each reserve must qualify with his or her weapon at least one time per year.  Reserves use the same course of fire that all deputies' use with a minimum score of 70% required to pass.

What about other weapons, such as OC/CS (pepper) Spray or batons?  Answer:  Anyone carrying these weapons must receive training and be qualified with each weapon before carrying them.  Each weapon has its own set of requirements.  For example:  To carry Freeze + P , candidates must attend training, and be sprayed in the eyes with the Freeze + P.  This is done so that a candidate will know what the effects of OC/CS spray are on a person. 

Can reserves work in other areas besides the Patrol Division? Answer:  Yes.  From time to time we need additional personnel in the Communications Division, Judicial Services, Civil Division or the Etowah County Jail.  If a reserve has interest in a particular division we will do everything possible to provide some time for them to work in their areas of interest.  Keep in mind, the Patrol Division is a reserves primary area of responsibility. 

How often does a Reserve Deputy have to work? Answer:  It is recommended that a reserve deputy work at least 12 hours a month.