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Patrol Division


In any Sheriff's Office across the nation, the Patrol Division functions as the backbone of the department. The Patrol Division is the most visible part of the Sheriff's Office, has the most sworn personnel out of all the divisions, and is generally the first contact citizens have with law enforcement in their community.

The Etowah County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division consists of approximately 30 sworn deputies.  Patrol deputies operate on a 24-hour shift rotation with two, 12-hour shifts. The Patrol Division answers calls and patrols the 534 square miles that make up Etowah County. The Patrol Division is commanded by Captain Paul Williams Jr., and  four Sergeants and 4 Field Training Officers (FTO) assigned to the division and are responsible for patrol operations.

Capt Williams

Captain Paul Williams Jr.


Sgt payne

Sergeant Dwight Fuller

Alpha Shift


Sergeant Andy Reed

Bravo Shift



Charlie Shift


Sgt Griffin

Sergeant Steve Griffin

Delta Shift


Patrol car 

Patrol Deputies are the first responder to crimes committed within Etowah County. Patrol also provides a proactive presence in an effort to prevent crime. Patrol deputies provide emergency response in life threatening situations and non-emergency assistance to a variety of criminal, traffic, medical and civilian matters as well as natural disasters that may impact the community.

Patrol deputies provide a full range of law enforcement services to the residents and visitors of Etowah County. Deputies practice community policing to develop partnerships with the public to promote crime prevention and solve problems.