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Judicial Services Unit


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The Judicial Services Division is responsible for all aspects of security for the Etowah County Courthouse, and Judicial Building including the safe and secure transport and temporary confinement of inmates for court proceedings.

This unit is staffed by 8 full and part time deputies who serve the criminal justice system and the community, under the supervision of Sergeant John Streefkerk. Their combined years of law enforcement experience serve them well as they interact positively and professionally with the public, judicial personnel, and inmates alike.

Judicial (Court) Deputies are sworn deputies who perform security and law enforcement duties in support of the overall court operations. They screen everyone who enters the courthouse and judicial building for weapons and other prohibited items, conduct routine perimeter and safety checks, and assist patrol Deputies in transporting inmates to and from court.  

Additionally, they provide security for each judge. They may also be required to make arrests, serve and enforce court documents and writs, and respond to and resolve any disturbances that occur in or around the courthouse.  


Sgt. John Streefkerk