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Environmental / Agriculture Unit


The Etowah County Sheriff's Office Environmental Crimes Unit currently employs one (1) full-time deputy who is responsible for the investigation, arrest or citation and prosecution of persons and/or corporations, suspected of violating the environmental laws of the State of Alabama, within Etowah County.

This would include, but not limited to; littering, open dumping, open burning, air pollution, water pollution and the transportation of scrap tires.


The Environmental Crimes Unit works closely with the Etowah County District Attorney's Office, Etowah County Public Health, and is funded by the Etowah County Commission.

The goal of the unit is keep the lowest impact on the environment. Working to provide a healthy & Sustainable environment for the benefit of our community.

The Deputy(s) assigned to this unit will on a regular basis, review our environmental program, identify opportunities for improvement and implement changes when necessary.

Trash dump

As of September 2021, there have been close 250 litter warning letters issued to individuals caught littering by other members of the public as reported through the Etowah County Sheriff's TIP LINE (256)543-2893, tipline@etowahcounty.or g or the Sheriffs APP.

Agriculture / Animal


The Agricultural Division has evolved into an investigative position. When originally founded the main duties of the Agricultural Division were patrol related and handling livestock out calls. 

The Agricultural Division is responsible for the following:  investigating agricultural related crimes, responding to livestock out complaints while on duty, investigating animal neglect, temporary fencing repair, patrolling areas of the county where normal patrol deputies cannot go, handling livestock impoundments, and various agricultural equipment. A substantial part of their patrol efforts is focused on agricultural and farm land in an effort to deter and prevent theft of property.


One of the most time consuming duties of the Agricultural Division is the handling of animal impoundments.  There are procedures in place once livestock is impounded. . Through proactive patrols, and within their purview, the Agricultural Deputies work with farmers in an effort to ensure the health of livestock within the county

Agriculture Division works along side and assist the Etowah County Animal Control Unit dealing with dogs and cats, and assist with seizure and custody of said animals.